Auto Services in Raleigh, NC

Murphy Sunoco has All Your Auto Services Covered

General Auto Repair Services

Have you noticed small changes in how your vehicle performs recently? Perhaps you needed to have your car jump started on a cool morning, or you noticed that turning the ignition doesn’t always make the car roar to life. These issues may be connected to issues with your battery, alternator, or starter, and they are problems the team at Murphy Sunoco will be happy to address for you. The team at Murphy Sunoco can handle just about any general auto repair service your vehicle might need. From oil changes to changing the blades on your windshield wipers, Murphy Sunoco’s team of qualified technicians will help you get the right service to solve your vehicle’s problems. You can begin by working with our knowledgeable service advisors to set up a preventative maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Proper maintenance can help our technicians diagnose problems early to avoid catastrophic failures that may lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs. We can inspect, diagnose and repair issues with your brakes, engine, and transmission. We can also look over your air conditioning to keep you cool during the hot North Carolina summer days. We are also happy to inspect, diagnose, repair or replace problematic tires on your vehicle.