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Battery Sales in Raleigh, NC

The Power You Need—Classic, Racing, and Passenger Vehicles

Battery Sales For All Your Vehicles

The team at Murphy Sunoco in Raleigh, NC, understands your enthusiasm for your classic, racing, and passenger vehicles. They also know you need different batteries to meet each vehicle’s power needs. Murphy Sunoco carries various batteries to help you stay powered up and on the road. We can help you choose the right one for your vehicle, the North Carolina environment, and your driving habits. Signs your battery is failing include dim lights, slow engine crank, illuminated check engine or battery light, or corrosion car battery terminals. If you’re considering a new battery for your vehicle, why not call us at (919) 876-2943? Our knowledgeable customer service advisors are always available to help. Or, if you happen to be near us at 6515 Falls of Neuse Rd Raleigh, NC 27615, feel free to stop by to speak with a technician. We welcome walk-ins during our regular weekday business hours and would love to see you.