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Signs You Need Brake Repair

Your brakes are central to keeping you, your passengers, and other drivers safe while you’re on the road. The brakes on your vehicle are designed to slow and stop your vehicle under any road or weather conditions, but they cannot do so if you don’t maintain the system and have it repaired when necessary. Murphy Sunoco is happy to help you stay safe on the road by inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing your vehicle’s brakes. While a preventative maintenance schedule that includes brake inspection is your best hedge against brake failure, your car will also show you when there is a problem. These are signs you should not ignore to avoid brake failure. First, there’s a brake warning light on your dashboard. If it’s on, there’s a problem, and you should bring your car to Murphy Sunoco as soon as possible. You might also notice a vibration in your steering wheel when you press the brakes. This could be the result of worn or grooved rotors. A grinding noise can result from worn pads and metal-on-metal contact, and a squealing noise can come from brake pads that have worn past their effective limit. There are other signs of impending brake failure. The team at Murphy Sunoco welcomes you to stop by and have your brakes inspected and repaired to help ward off brake failure, which can result in expensive and time-consuming repairs.