Toe In And Toe Out: Wheel Alignment in Raleigh, NC


If mechanical details aren't your specialty, you may be confused if you hear somebody speaking of your vehicle using the terms toe in and toe out. What does that mean? Do automobiles have toes? No, your car hasn't sprouted toes, but it does have some important suspension angles that need a proper adjustment. The ASE-certified technicians at Murphy Sunoco in Raleigh, North Carolina, are happy to provide more information and perform reputable wheel alignments. Moreover, we've provided automotive care since 1973, with a major expansion in 1999. That gives us a half-century of helping area drivers just like you.

More About Alignment

Wheel alignment is the expression of a vehicle's major suspension angles--camber, caster, toe, and thrust. The goal is to have these within allowable tolerances so that your auto's wheels are properly related to one another and the car's body. Good wheel alignment helps you control your car and maintain traction on the road. As you see, one of these considerations is toe. When your front wheels are viewed from above, the toe describes the angle at which they sit. If they lean inward toward the middle of the car, the condition is called toe in or positive toe. If they tilt out, the descriptive term is toe out or negative toe. Both front wheels should have the same toe setting. Although this may be different than that of the rear wheels, both back wheels should likewise have the same toe setting shared with one another. You may be wondering why this setting even matters. It's actually important to how your automobile handles. Most automakers agree that a small degree of toe-in adds stability to the vehicle. It helps keep your vehicle pointed in the right direction when you reach road speed, and your car is more responsive in turn. The key, however, is precise measurement during the wheel alignment. Too much toe-in can lead to an understeering condition, while a lot of toe-out results in an oversteering problem.

Important Affiliations

At Murphy Sunoco, we realize that our most important interactions are with you, our valued customer. However, we are also affiliated with others in a way that lends confidence in our work on your vehicle. In addition to ASE-certification, we're recognized as a NAPA AutoCare Center. Further, we're associated with Jasper Engines & Transmissions and BG transmission products. Finally, our shop is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, you know you're getting quality work, high end components/products, and trustworthy business dealings when you entrust your automobile to us. When your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment, schedule your appointment with Murphy Sunoco.

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